Professional Influences

My work as a psychotherapist as well as a leadership coach has been influenced by multiple disciplines over 30 years of practice.  The centerpiece of my study and practice has been to look at the integration of body/mind/emotion and spirit.  Over the course of  years I have grown to know that we cannot separate these aspects that make up our whole being.  Our insight is known to us through many different pathways. 

Systems-Centered Therapy - SCT is a theory-driven system and practice first developed by Yvonne Agazarian, PhD.  The theory enables us to see things in context rather than to be pulled into survival roles and toward our natural tendency to react quickly and to personalize.  It is a pathway away from shaming and blaming, stereotyping and scapegoating.  We learn to understand ourselves through distinguishably different phases of our development.  As we shed one skin of defenses a new skin emerges to pace our growth and support our learning.   This developmental map provides us with a tools to navigate the change process.   (for more info see

Emotionally Focused Therapy -  This theory and methodology first developed by Susan Johnson, PhD. integrates humanistic and systemic perspectives for human functioning and change.  More importantly, this method offers a way of understanding close relationships through the attachment theory lens.  Adult attachment theory is a guide to the territory of adult love and is a map that helps make sense of  interactional patterns in distressed relationships. One of the main tenets is that secure dependence is a sign of health and fosters autonomy and self-confidence.   (for more info see

Interpersonal Neurobiology - Dan Siegel, MD and author has pioneered this field for the past 20 years.   A major influencer, he has brilliantly integrated the work of neurobiologists, attachment theorists, meditation  and mindfulness practitioners in a way that has revolutionized the field of psychology.  What in many ways used to be an art and wisdom practice is now validated repeatedly in neuroscience breakthroughs.  He has augmented the dedicated work of sixty plus years of psychology research and brain research, as well as 2000 years of mindfulness practices,  and in so doing, has helped us redefine mind and consciousness. 

PACT: an acronym for "Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy, developed by Stan Tatkin, Psy.D. - This methodology expands on the theories of attachment theory, arousal regulation and neurosceince.

Nursing and Midwivery - My first career and passion as a young adult was in the field of women's health.  My role of mid-wifeing babies and ministering to dying AIDs patients was my first professional experience as a technical assistant and spiritual steward for patients across multiple cultures and ages. I also worked as a health advocate, organizing around health issues and eventually supported progressive healthcare as a negotiator at the table for union contracts.

Life and Leadership Coaching- I was certified as Professional Leadership Coach in 2000 from the Coaches Training Institute.  The beauty of this work is that it is a health model that emphasizes vision, core values and life purpose.

Yoga and Martial Arts - 10 years of martial arts training and 4 decades in the various yoga disciplines has been the true North for pointing me toward the integration of body-mind- spirit.  Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training has brought together for me the various pieces that make up a "well-being" practice. 

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