Group Therapy

A Dynamic Environment for Women to Experience Personal Inquiry and Exploration


While group therapy can initially be intimidating for people, it is often the most powerful forum for change. When you listen and attune to others, you learn to build genuine connections that are often missing from your life experience.

In this group you will find a safe space where members explore their attachment issues in relation to significant people in their lives, past and present. They also look at belief systems, when they are fixed and when they are more fluid.  They  discover the process of transformation -  the journey through the dark night of the soul and the path toward a more enlightened presence and compassionate stance.

Members often are seeking more confidence, healthier relationship to their body, their sexuality and to love. They are inquiring into places inside themselves where they are less familiar, or where there is not yet a voice.  In general, this is a safe place to slow down the reactive processes to a pace where you can understand the story behind them.  The result is you experience more freedom to express invisible parts of your selves such as longing and desire, while building skills to manage conflict and regulate complex states such as anxiety, depression and rage.

This is an ongoing  group for women to explore, discover and mine the depths. 

Learn how to:

  • Break from isolation to connect to a compassionate community
  • Learn alternatives for taking things “personally”
  • Gain insight into your blind spots
  • Release anxiety, depression, outrage and other reactive states
  • Access your vital energy and capacity for change
  • Show up courageously and be present to express what has heart and meaning
  • Connect to your essence - the authentic and resourceful person you are

This group serves as an elegant way to explore fundamental requirements for trust and collaboration. Ultimately you will enable your capacity to hold more complexity, leading to more spaciousness, curiosity and discovery.  If you are interested please call Lucy Fine at 415-987-7261 or email me at [email protected] for more information.

We meet every other Tuesday for 2 hours in Rockridge, from 6-8 PM

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