Leadership Consultation

Develop Skills To Transform How You Participate
In Organizational Life

For the past 20 years I have coached individuals and teams toward high-performance and success. I have mastery in understanding the dynamics inside of decision-making and in understanding the emotions at play that contribute to team and partner dynamics.  This has served me well in facilitating partnerships, co-founders and leaders through difficult conversations inside of start-ups as well as inside of organizations small and large where competing personalities get confused with system goals.  I believe so much of the anguish felt by leaders is when they take things “just personally”.  With my guidance, clients begin to see things through a “system lens” which allows for more complexity and options for how to solve problems.

I have coached leaders in healthcare, government and not-for-profit organizations, start-ups, as well as in the national science laboratories. The foundation of my coaching is to master difficult conversations and negotiate for clarity, accountability and commitment. Known for fostering emotional and collaborative intelligence, I provide a developmental map to guide interventions. Thirty years of martial arts and yoga practice offers me a unique awareness to enhance embodied leadership and skillful presence.

I have delivered workforce analysis and qualitative 360 leadership assessments utilizing survey tools and deep structured interviews; designed and facilitated strategic conversations and leadership retreats; led conflict resolution processes for executive partnerships; and have led customized design and facilitation of team communication trainings and leadership development programs.

I consult to individuals and teams who seek the opportunity to learn new ways to approach and solve problems, to influence and to create impact. Through facilitated conversations and activities, you will learn new mental tools, try out new maps for viewing difficult situations, and build new frames of understanding.

The goal of consultation is to:

* Clarify Roles and Responsibilities
* Improve creative thinking and thought leadership for changing environments 

* Promote effective decision-making in complex situations

* Build strong and enduring teams and partnerships 

* Transform conflicts into opportunities for learning 

* Find greater satisfaction building friend and collegial relationships

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